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Publications By Department Faculties

Topic/ Research Paper Name, Vol. & number of Journal, and Year of publication.
Faculty Name: Mr Sandeep Toshniwal
Microstrip antenna for Broadband Wireless System IEEE National Symposium on Advances in microwave.
AU-Slot parasitically coupled circular patch antenna for dual band operation IETE and IEEE MTS national conference on advances in communication technology in cyber age.
Tringular Microstrip antenna for Broadband Wireless System Converge of Broadcast and communication Technologies .
Prospective Role of Nano Horn Antennas in analyzing the process of vision. ICCCE12, Malaysia
Microstrip Antenna for Broad –Band Antenna IEEEE, National Conference, Jaipur
Faculty Name: Mr. Anirudh Sharma
Microwave danger for life National Conference on “Convergence of Broadcast & Communication Technologies” by IEEE MTT-S& ISTE, SKIT in March-2010
Microwaves Communication National Symposium on “Advances in Microwave Materials, Devices & Applications” organized by IEEE MTT-S India Council, JEC,Kukas on Dec.2009
E-HRM-A New Evolution National Conference on “Sustainability-Survival of the fittest”, KITE, Jaipur on May,2010
A new prospective of coding in Communications National Conference on Recent Advances in Microwave Tubes, Devices and Communication Systems, NCRA-MTDCS-2011,JNIT in March,2011
QSTBC for MIMO Channels National Conference on “Advances in Wireless and Optical Communication Technologies-2010, Poornima College, Aug.2010
Comparative Analysis of Conventional Detection Technique with Successive Interference Cancellation Technique in Multiuser Detection National Conference on “Recent Trends in Information and Communication Technology”, SBCET, Jaipur in Sept.,2011
Basic Electronics ISTE Workshop by IIT Bombay and JEC, Kukas
Faculty Name: Mr. Sakar Gupta
Microwave danger for life IEEE National Symposium on Advances in microwave
Digital Electronics CBH Publication
E-Banking & Network Security CBH Publication
Faculty Name: Ms. Neha Jain
Railway Bridge Monitoring using WSN  
Faculty Name: Ms. Satish Kumar Parashar
Bridge Monitoring using WSN  
Faculty Name: Ms. Neha Sharma
MAC layer protocol in WSN  
Measuring Noise pollution using WSN  
Monitoring Wild Life using WSN  
Faculty Name: Mr. Bhudev Tyagi
Wireless Sensor Networks  
Smart Sensor  
Mobile Ad-Hoc Network  


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