Inauguration Function

Annual Techno-Cultural and sports fest of KITE, ENILAZE-3.0 was organized in the college campus during 17-22nd Feb, 2014. Enilaze is the amalgamation of institutes’ two annual events Enigma and Ablaze. On 17th Feb, The inaugural function starts with floral welcome of Shri B. L. Kanwat ji, organising secretary of JECS by principal of the collage, Prof.(Dr.) Rajesh Mathur And floral welcome of managing director Shri C. K. Bafna ji by Mr. Sudhanshu Gupta, Convener of the program.

Chief guest, M D sir, Principal Sir and other dignitaries offer garlands to Maa Saraswati followed by “Deep Prajjavlan” and “Saraswati vandana”. In his speech, Shri B. L. Kanwat ji and M D Sir motivated the students and said that such functions are necessary for their all round development, Principal sir briefed about three day program and gave his good wishes for the successful completion of the program. In the end vote of thanks was given by Mr. Sudhanshu Gupta


Sports events were started by an inaugural match of Gali Cricket. Before the match M.D. Sir, Kanwat sir and Principal Sir shake hands with the players of both the teams and wish them good luck. During 17th and 18th February various sports events such as volley ball, Basket Ball, Kabbadi, Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, Carom Chess and Gali Cricket were organised in the college campus. In these events students of engineering colleges from Jaipur and Rajasthan take part. Cash prizes, Trophies and certificates were given to the winners and runner-ups on the cultural night.

After sports events various cultural and technical events were organised on 19-21st feb. On 19th feb. Cad Zaika, Trustle and PPT were organised by civil department, Tech Quiz, Web Designing, Coding and Appon were organised by CS and IT department, Come-ontronics, Paper presentation and Promot were organised by ECE department, Engineer’s Eye and Best Engineer were organised by EE Department, Junk Yard, Road to Hell and Assembly Disassembly were organised by ME Department. In Cultural events major attractions were Rangoli, Mehndi, RTU Roadies, Poster Making Bollywood Quiz, SKIT, Nail art, Tatto making, Ad-mad show and Rap Combat.


On 20th Feb. Tech Gyan and Straw Strippers were organised by civil department, Hardware assembly, Paper presentation, Bat Creation and Cryptology were organised by CS and IT department, KIC, Tech detector and ROBO Soccer were organised by ECE department, Lab Rat race and Think in Spark were organised by EE Department, Quiz Competition and Aero Modelling were organised by ME Department. In Cultural events major attractions were One Minute Show, Laughter Show, Hair Styling, Fashion Show, Face painting, Hindi Quiz, B Plan and dance Competition.


On 21th Feb. Tile Magic was organised by civil department, Paper presentation and Debate were organised by CS and IT department, LED Display and ROBO Race were organised by ECE department, Battle of Bread Boards and Paper presentation were organised by EE Department. In Cultural events major attractions were Singing Competition, Street Dance and One Minute Show. On the evening of 21th Feb. 2013 students show cast their talent in the central lawn.
Shri B.L. Kanwat ji, Organising Secretary of JECS was the Chief Guest of the evening. As per Indian Cultural, Inaugural function was started with “Deep Prajjavlan” by chief guest, Principal Sir and Other Dignitries followed by “Deep Prajjavlan” and “Saraswati Vandana”. Program was started with the Welcome Speech by Principal Sir followed by prize distribution ceremony of sports events and LAN Gaming. After Prize Distribution Ceremony Finalists of fashion show, dancing and singing show their performances. Names of winners in cultural events were declared after the performances.

Major attraction of ENILAZE-3.0 was the mesmerizing performance by Jimmy Felix on 22nd feb. in GALA Night. Chief guest of GALA night was Dr. Arun Chaturvedi, Honourable State Minister Govt. of rajasthan and Dr. Narendra Singh, Chairman of the collage.
The program was started by international artists of Rhythm Dividend band. This program was organised by a NGO, Volunteer for better India, with the purpose of increasing voting awareness among the youth followed by academic prize distribution and celebrity performance by Jimmy Felix.