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Research Consultancy

  • A study on Effects on Various Parameters on Compressive & Flexural Strength of Waste Fiber Modified Concrete

  • Effect of Plasticizers on Torsional Behaviour of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Elements

  • Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Framed Structures with Masonry Infill Walls

  • Study of Feasibility of Rock Dust and Quarry Waste Coarse Aggregate in Concrete

  • Crushed stone sand – An economical & Ecological alternative to natural sand for optimizing the concrete mix incorporating durability aspect

  • Effects of wind and Earthquake loads on high rise building of Irregular shape, including wind Tunnel Test

  • A Study on use of Waste Rubber Tyres/ Tubes in Concrete As Aggregate & Fibre.

  • Exploring Marble Slurry as an Engineering Material with Specific Reference to Mortar & Brick Manufacturing

  • To Study the Influence of Alccofine 1206 by Addition & as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete

  • To Study the Strength Characteristics of Concrete by Replacing Curing Water with Self Curing Compounds

  • Comparative study of framed structure with shear wall structures with and without openings in Zone IV using static and response spectrum analysis

  • Affect of ground granular blast furnace slag ‘Addition and as partial Replacement of Cement in concrete

  • Effect of shear wall at different locations in Bare frame system and Infilled frame system using STAAD Pro Software

  • Influence Of Microfine Ggbs(12000cm²/Gm) On Concrete Of Grade M35 & M40 Made With Pozzolana Cement

  • Study of Blast load effect on Reinforced Cement Concrete framed structure
    To Study Effects on The Properties of Concrete After Partially Replacing Cement By Silica Fume and Fly Ash

  • Performance Based Seismic Analysis & Design of G+9 RC Frame office Building in Zone V using ETABS (2013) Software

  • Effect of concrete grade variation on economy and carpet area in a skyscraper building design with wind and seismic analysis.

  • Study of strength and properties of cement concrete M-35 & M-40 under the influence of addition & partially replacing cement with fine ground granulated blast furnace slag and flyash

  • Study characteristics of concrete by partially replacing of OPC cement by Fly Ash with grade M30 & M35 along with partial replacement of Natural sand by varying percentage of Crusher Dust and Waste Marble Dust

  • Study the influence of replacement of OPC (43 grade) cement by fly ash along with the replacement of natural sand by quarry sand in the presence of coconut fibers on fiber reinforced concrete of Grade M-25 & M-35

  • To Study Effect on Addition and Replacement of Cement by Micro Silica (GGBS) Grade M55 and M60

  • Manufactured Sand –An Ecological Alternate to Natural Sand for Optimizing the Concrete Mix

  • Seismic analysis and strengthening of existing multi storey structure with appropriate location of shear wall at stilt floor

  • Seismic retrofitting of existing high rise structure using different option of bracing by deploying static and dynamic analysis

  • A study on mechanical properties of polymer modified concrete used with plastic crush replacing natural sand

  • Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Dense Bitumen Macadam G-I Under Medium to Heavy Traffic Condition Using Industrial Wate in Long lasting Bituminous Pavement in India

  • Feasibility Report on Fexible Pavement- A case Study for Barmer-Jalore SH-16

  • Economics and Feasiability of Porous Pavement-A Cae Study

  • Strength Characteristics of Soil Tyre Mixture

  • A Laboratory Study on Use of Bitumen emulsion in Earth Road

  • Roundabout Capacity Modelling and Validation (As per IRC:65 -A Case Study

  • Mitigation of Urban and Rural Accidents by Statistical and Spatial Analysis Techniques
    Mix Designng Procedure for Bituminous Material

  • "Effect of Tempreature on Marshall Properties of Bituminous Concrete"

  • Engineering Characteristics of Sulphur Modified Bituminous Binder

  • Geomertical Design of Rail Over Bridge

  • Uses of Geosynthetic in Reducing Thickness of Blanket Layer as per RDSO

  • Performance Evaluation of Ready Mix Concrete on Rigid Pavement- A Case Study

  • Traffic Management at ROB Sitapura

  • Performance Evaluation of Dense Bituminous Macadam as per Morth Specification

  • Feasibility Report on Fexible Pavement- A case Study for Barmer-Jalore SH-16

  • Porous Pavement

  • Use of Tyre Shreds in Pavement Structures

  • Study of Bitumen Emulsion in Enhancing the Soil Subgrade Property

  • Value Enginering in Road Design

  • Accident Studies in Traffic Engineering and Management

  • Soil Stabilization Techniques

  • Senario of Road Accidents in Rajasthan

  • Design of an Intersection

  • Highway Alignment and Survey

  • Geosyntheic Specifications for Railways

  • Ready Mix Concrete

  • Intelligent Transportation System

  • Improvement in emission in 4-stroke single cylinder compression ignition engine using preheated blend of pongamia methyl ester.

  • Energy and energy analysis of cogeneration thermal power plant.

  • Analysis of temperature variation and thermal stresses on FGM composite beam.

  • Experimental Analysis of batch type solar water heater with integrated collector water storage system.

  • Study of two different geometry rectangular and parabolic shape of longitudinal fin used in an electric device as a heat sink.

  • Comparative study of various alternative Bio-Fuels & Blending with diesel in internal combustion engine.

  • Study of two different geometries rectangular and parabolic shape of a longitudinal fin used in an electronic device as a heat sink.

  • Optimization of bio diesel production using blend of cotton seed oil & methyl ester with diesel.


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