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About Department of MBA

The purpose of this Institute is to get the entire gamut of management studies into perspective and to make the students capable of addressing the issues, not just in the corporate sector but in the larger framework of the global economy.

To underpin the programme a competitive edge, different activities are the part of its curriculum. For exposing the students to the simulated vibrant working environment, seminars, group exercises and personality development workshops are organized. Experts from different fields are invited to share their experiences with the students.

In order to enhance presentation, negotiation and marketing skills, a bridge course of English Communication is offered. As the part of curriculum, summer training for the students is being arranged by the institute in different esteemed industries.

In just a short span of 6 years MBA at Kautilya has emerged as one of best management institutes with attractive placements and handsome salaries.

Our core faculty partners for the basic theory, fundamentals and developments. Our visiting faculty shares their experience and advanced learning concept. We create an environment where students are inspired to learn and we shall make you learn. We believe in helping students become effective leaders as well as entrepreneurs, who are made capable of achieving results and transforming organizations through their latent potential. We work towards developing a global mindset, so that future managers can address the challenges of global competition.

The programme specifically attempts to:

  • Equip students with the required conceptual and interpersonal skills and sense of social purpose for managerial decision-making,
  • Develop leadership capabilities to act as change agents and be a source of motivation in the organizations they work in,
  • Nature the desire to excel in performance without compromising integrity, honesty and fairness.

Established in 2005, as a part of the Kautilya family, Kautilya School of Management brings Indian ethos, management concepts and technological advances together in an effort to redefine the management paradigm in the new age. Our aim is to satisfy thirst for knowledge.

1) MBA (Full Time) Duration
The duration of MBA programme is two academic years, divided into four semesters and a summer internship programme. The academic year begins in the month of July.

2) Programme Package
The entire package consists of 40-45 sessions in each subject theoretical and an industrial internship programme for 45 days. The classroom package consists fundamental courses, core and integrative courses, bracket courses and specialization courses. The syllabus of each course is prescribed by Rajasthan Technical University.

3) Pedagogy
The faculty employs the latest techniques in teaching and training students. The methods used are, class room sessions, seminars, group exercises, take home assignments, term papers, presentation of written and oral reports, business and behavioral games and field practices of varying duration.

There are guest lectures by visiting dignitaries as well.

Attendance, Evaluation and Grading. Each class session is of one hour duration. A student must have at least 75% attendance in each subject to appear for the examination in the respective courses. In order to inculcate organizational discipline among the students and to make the learning process more effective, attendance is made mandatory.

The evaluation process by the faculty is continuous, varied and rigorous. Performance of the students in each course is evaluated through devices such as class participation, quizzes, seminars, home assignments, group discussions, case presentations, tests, projects and final comprehensive examinations. The arrangement has been evolved over the years, based on the needs expressed by the companies visiting the campus, on the need for further improvements in ones discipline and managerial traits during the programmer.

The Maximum marks allotted to each course are 100. This is distributed between university examination and internal examination components in a ratio 70:30. The practical component comprises of seminars, case analysis, panel discussions, and power point presentations.

4) Award of Degree
The title of Master of Business Administration (MBA) is awarded on successful completion of the respective programme.

Training & Placement

Training and Placement are the strategic components of the MBA at Kautilya. These activities are managed by the Training & Placements Cell, consisting of a faculty co-ordinator and five student representatives. The Principal act as its Chairman. Training as a component of the PG programme is imparted in two stages comprising of an industrial internship and a project preparation towards the end of final semester. Internships are conducted at Off-Campus Centers (OCC) which comprises of network of companies and developmental organizations, listed out by the Training & Placements Cell.


To Contribute towards the development of the society through the dynamism and professionalism of enthusiastic young management personnel’s, drawing inspiration from the thought of ancient Indian administrator and economist “KAUTILYA” the great.


To provide the society with young trained managers equipped with all the skills and the right attitude to advance our society’s managerial– economist frontiers and enable them to lead the society by examples.


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Research Papers (Published)

Faculty is encouraged to strengthen research efforts through a joint ‘community’ effort that also involves students. The resulting teamwork makes for shared learning and helps foster interdisciplinary co-operation.

Lab Facilities

  • Computer Lab- I
  • Computer Lab-II

HOD’s Desk

MBA at Kautilya is imparting management education with a holistic view. We develop & groom students not only through class room lectures but presentations, case studies, debates, workshops, seminars form an integral part of the system. Our aim is to prepare future managers and that is why we improve the total personality of the students.

Students come from different backgrounds but our aim is to provide them a common platform from where students can launch their careers. Being a professional course no stone is left unturned in creating professionals out of students in a span of 2 years.

Two years at KITE, is a life time experience for the students who are made ready for employment. Truly it’s the efforts, mentoring , guidance of the faculties that help them turn into professionals.

We at KITE are a professional bunch of people, ready to explore all the possibilities & opportunities presented in the environment.

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